Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Nippon Television Wands Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Shigetoshi Suzuki
Higashi -Shimbashi 1-6 1st 1st, Minato -ku, Tokyo

Operation / order / shipping agency business operator
New Book Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Tatsuya Toyokawa
1138-1 Fujikubo, Miyoshi, Iruma-gun, Saitama
TEL: 049-258-6789 FAX: 049-258-8988

(Reception: 10: 00-18: 00 * Excluding weekends and holidays, excluding year -end and New Year holidays)

Price (tax / tax included)
It will be displayed individually on the site.

Payment Method
Credit card payment, electronic payment, cash on delivery
* You can check the available credit card and electronic payment service on the product purchase payment screen.
* Cash on delivery is not available for digital content.

Required fees other than the product price

・ Shipping fee
・ COD fee

・ Internet connection fee, communication fee
* Please contact your Internet provider or mobile phone company for each fee.

Payment time of price, etc.

・ Credit card payment, electronic payment: at the time of purchase
* For the actual withdrawal date, please contact your credit card or electronic payment service company.

・ Cash on delivery: When the product arrives

Handling of returned goods
In principle, replacement or returned items cannot be accepted for customer's convenience, except for bad products.
Please check the order and product when ordering and when the product arrives.

The following reasons cannot be returned or exchanged.
・ If you have 2 weeks after the product arrives without any special reasons
・ When there is a scratch or stainage under the customer

This product is not eligible for cooling off. We do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges for customer's convenience.
However, if there is a bad product, please contact the shipping agent within 7 days after the product arrives.
We will replace it only if it is judged to be defective.

Sales volume
Depending on the product, the sales volume is limited.
In that case, we will specify that fact for each product.

Delivery time

In the case of goods:
・ If the payment method uses cash on delivery, we will ship within one week after the order is accepted.
・ If the payment method uses a credit card payment, after confirmation of the trust card, sequentiallyWithin one weekI will ship it.
・ If the payment method uses electronic payment, sequentially after payment approvalWithin one weekI will ship it.
In the case of products -produced products, the delivery time will be presented for each product.

・ In the case of digital content:
・ If the payment method uses a credit card payment, it will be available after confirmation of credit.
・ If the payment method uses electronic payment, it will be available after payment approval.

mail address
We will send an e -mail magazine from the above e -mail address only if the customer is consent in advance.