Terms of service

Users who use "Yoshitaka Amano OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE" (defined in Article 1) shall use the service of this site in accordance with the Site Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "this term"). increase.

When using this site, please read the full text of the Privacy Policy on these Terms and this site, and use this service.



(1) "Our Company" refers to Nippon Television WANDS Co., Ltd., which is the main operator of "Yoshitaka Amano OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE".

(2) "This site" refers to the website on the Internet, which is sponsored and operated by the Company, "Yoshitaka Amano Official Online Store".

(3) "This service" refers to services such as product sales and various information dissemination, which are provided to users on this site, using communication means such as the Internet.

(4) "User" refers to all users using this site.

(5) The “operating contract company” is the partner of our company that provides products, information, etc. listed on this site, and operates the operation and management of systems, products, and delivery used to provide this service.



(1) These Terms shall apply to the relationship between the Company and the user regarding the provision and use of this service.

(2) This service is intended for those who live in Japan and have an email address.


3.Revision of these Terms

The Company shall be able to revise these Terms as needed without obtaining the consent of the user. However, the Company shall post on this site without delay, except in the case of the revised terms separately, and the use of this site since it was published on this site is published. The rules shall apply.


4.About mail order

(1) The sales contract with the user in the mail order of this site shall be established between the user and the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any information related to the product or the success or failure of the sales contract with non -uses.

(2) If we receive an order from the user, we will send an order confirmation email. For the product, we will use the order confirmation email to the entrusted e -mail.

(3) If multiple users are ordered for the same product, it will be on a first -come, first -served basis.


5.About management of personal information

The Company shall be handled appropriately based on the "Privacy Policy" that posts the user's personal information separately.



The Company may change, add, stop, or cancel the service content of this site without notifying the user in advance.


7.Canceled, etc.

In the following cases, all or part of the service provision may be suspended or stopped.

(1) In the case of regular maintenance or emergency maintenance of this site system

(2) When the Type 1 Telecommunications carrier stops the telecommunications service

(3) When it becomes difficult to provide services due to fire, power outage, earthquakes, floods, war, turbulence, etc., natural disasters and other reasons

(4) In addition, if the Company determines that the service is necessary to temporarily stop the service


8.Prohibited matter

Users shall not perform the following acts in addition to the acts prohibited in other clauses of these Terms when using this site.

(1) Acts that may infringe or infringe on other users, third parties or our company's copyright, other rights, privacy, property

(2) Acts that cause other users, third parties or our company or the operating contract company, or have a disadvantage or damage

(3) Acts that violate public order and morals, acts that violate laws and ordinances, or acts that are likely to be

(4) Acts to illegally use email addresses, passwords, and other personal information

(5) Awareness of business using this site, a profitable act, or an act aimed at preparing it

(6) An act that may hinder the operation of this site and hinder the provision of services



The Company and the operating contractor shall be exempted from the case of intentional or negligence in the provisions described in the "Disclaimer" to be posted separately.



The Company and the operating contractor shall be exempted from the following provisions in the operation of this site.

The Company and the operating contract company provide various services and various information on this site, and their delays, changes, additions, suspensions, suspensions, or other users or third parties in this site. We will not be responsible. In order to browse information or provide services, we would like to be responsible for the user in accordance with laws and regulations.

The Company and the operating contract company shall perform encryption processing, etc. for personal information that the user inputs and sends the user to use this site, strictly manage it, and pays attention to the confidentiality. However, it does not guarantee the leakage, disappearance of information, or prevent the tampering of others.

The Company and the operating contract company and the operating contract company will provide information and services provided on this site, and information obtained by the user through this site or the email sent from the Company or the operating contract company, etc. There is no guarantee, such as gender, usefulness, latest, legality, morality, not infected with computer viruses and not infringing the rights of third parties.

The Company and the operating contract company shall handle the contact information and the delivery destination specified at the time of order as the user's contact information and delivery destination, and change it to the contact information or delivery destination. Even if there is an error, etc., we shall not be liable for any damages caused by the change or error unless the user is contacted.


10.Damages, etc.

(1) If the user causes damage to the Company or third party due to reasons that should be liable to the user, such as violating these Terms in accordance with the use of this site, at the ownership of the user. All damages shall be compensated.

(2) In the event that the Company or third parties occur due to reasons corresponding to the preceding paragraph, the user shall be liable for all legal responsibilities. In addition, if the Company receives a request from a third party and compensates for the reasons, it shall be compensated for the user.


11.Method of contact

(1) If the user needs to contact the Company and the operating contract company, the contact information shall be contacted separately.

(2) If it is necessary to contact the user from the Company and the operating contractor, an e -mail shall be used, and a telephone or mail shall be used as appropriate.


12.About your order

The ordered product cannot be canceled or changed due to user reasons.

Even if it is posted on the site, there are some things that cannot be purchased due to sold out.


13.Subject to exchange and return

We are making a thorough product management, but if you receive damaged items, stain, defective or different products, we will contact you this site within 7 days after the product arrives (info@newbook.co.jp) Please contact us.

Returns shall be accepted within 7 days after the arrival of the product, and shall be accepted only in the following cases, and in other cases, we shall not be liable for any incompatible contracts.

・ Product damage (when the product is broken)

・ Product dirt (when the product is recognized as dirt)

・ Incorrect delivery (when the product or quantity is delivered different from the order contents)

However, the next case is excluded.

(1) When used once

(2) When the responsibility of the user is damaged or damaged

(3) If any of the bundled items such as instructions or accessories are destroyed or lost


14.Governing law

Regarding the establishment, effect, performance and interpretation of these Terms, the Japanese National Law shall be applied.


15.Dispute control

Regardless of the complaint, all the lawsuits related to these Terms shall share the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.