Notice of revision of terms of use, etc. (Revision date June 1, 2022)

Thank you for using "Yoshitaka Amano OFFICIAL ONLINE STORE".

This time, a part of the rules described in the revised rules will be revised on the revised date below and will be implemented on the same date.

■ Revision date

June 1, 2022

■ Main revision outline

Clarification of special contracts for purchasing and returned goods

Clarification of the rules revision

Clarification of damages and warranty

Regarding Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy Unification with "Yoshiaka Amano Official Website"

Clarification of other contents, minor fixes of the wording

■ Revised rules

"Yoshitaka Amano Official Online Store" Terms of Use

Privacy policy / cookie policy

Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

The contents of the terms of use after the revision are as follows.

Yoshitaka Amano Official ONLINE STORE New and old contrast

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